Scrabble Victory

I participated in the 49th annual Montreal Scrabble tournament this past weekend, the first such tournament in 2 years (due to COVID) and the largest tournament in its history.

I am happy to announce I won the tournament and a cool five hundred dollars to boot. This is the most I’ve won at a tournament and my first multi-day live tournament victory. It was also the first tournament I’ve played outside of Ontario.

I finished with a record of 10-1, clinching victory with 2 rounds still to play. This was an unexpected result due to the strength of the field.

I now have an ELO rating of 1927, surpassing the 1900 mark for the first time. With the win, I am now ranked 1st in Toronto and 8th in Canada. I am truly humbled by my success.

I had a great time with new friends and old and enjoyed the opportunity to walk and dine along the Lachine River and also venture through parts of downtown.

I’m hoping to enter one of the larger tournaments this summer, most likely the Word Cup in Chicago. The field there will be far tougher than any I’ve faced. I don’t expect to cash against such competition, but I think it will be lots of fun.

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