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The Void

My latest story “The Void” has been published in Silver Blade, a member of the Silver Pen Collective. I had been submitting to this exclusive group of magazines for a couple years and it was rewarding to finally receive an acceptance. The Void was originally accepted for publication by a magazine called Collective Realms. I…

I Demand You Drug Test My Straight Laced Opponent

I have a new comedy piece published to The Haven. I hope you will check it out. This is a satirical piece about college, drug use, and competition. What’s not to love? As always, I would love to know your thoughts. Thanks for reading!

Scrabble Victory

I participated in the 49th annual Montreal Scrabble tournament this past weekend, the first such tournament in 2 years (due to COVID) and the largest tournament in its history. I am happy to announce I won the tournament and a cool five hundred dollars to boot. This is the most I’ve won at a tournament…

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