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Ranking TV’s Hottest Unseen Characteristics in Terms of Their Physical Characteristics

My latest piece is now live on Slackjaw. This is the first time I’ve published twice on the same site and that was a purposeful decision. I love Slackjaw’s take on humour and the welcoming Medium community. Thank you to editors Alex Baia, Sarah James and the rest of the Slackjaw team for taking aContinue reading “Ranking TV’s Hottest Unseen Characteristics in Terms of Their Physical Characteristics”

Mom & Dad, I’m Gray

My latest story “Mom & Dad, I’m Gray” has been posted to Slackjaw. This is my first attempt at comedy writing and I’m honoured to have been accepted into the top humour publication on Medium, with approximately 150,000 subscribers. After being rejected by so many of the top sci-fi mags over the past 2+ years,Continue reading “Mom & Dad, I’m Gray”

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