Ranging from 250 to 5000 words, Jared’s collection of bite-sized stories span multiple genres, from comedy to science-fiction to literary.

He is a frequent contributor to Slackjaw, the most followed comedy page on Medium.

His science-fiction stories highlight the dangers of overly pervasive technologies.

His literary pieces expose the complexities of human relationships and the situational ironies in everyday life.

He is a four time semifinalist (once with an honorable mention) in the NYC Midnight short story and flash fiction competitions.


Reality Show Spinoffs The World Isn’t Ready For (forthcoming) – Weekly Humorist

The Reviews Are In For My Sick Dance Moves (Apr. 2022) – The Haven

Introducing Mega-Corp’s Working From Home Benefits Package (Apr. 2022) – MuddyUm

Heteropathy, the Insecure Straight Guy’s Alternative to Homeopathy (Feb. 2022) – MuddyUm

My Grandmother Died And All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt (Jan. 2022) – Slackjaw

Ranking TV’s Hottest Unseen Characters In Terms Of Their Physical Characteristics (Jan. 2022) – Slackjaw

Mom & Dad, I’m Gray (Dec. 2021) – Slackjaw


Caged Potential (Oct. 2021) – Utopia Science Fiction

The Arbitrator 4000 (reprint, June 2021) – Metastellar

The Floor is Made of Lava (May 2021) – Close to the Bone

The Human Experience (reprint, Feb. 2021) – After Dinner Conversation

Nine Minutes into the Future (Dec. 2020) – Literally Stories

Buddy’s New Friend (Dec. 2020) – Idle Ink


The Guiding Voice (May 2022) – Amethyst Review

The Depths of El Hoyo (Mar. 2022) – Flash Fiction Magazine

The Living Room Express (Nov. 2021) – The Metaworker

The Loophole (Sep. 2021) – Nonbinary Review

A Life in Numbers (June 2021) – Door Is A Jar

The Hare in the Dish (May 2021) – Blue Lake Review

Tiger’s Nuts (Apr. 2021) – Fiction on the Web

Anything You Want (Jan. 2021) – Reflex Press

Toilet Humour (Sep. 2020) – City. River. Tree.

Paradox (Nov. 2019) – Escaped Ink


The Human Experience: A Short Story Collection (Sep. 2018)


NYC Midnight Short Story Semifinalist with Honourable Mention (2019)

NYC Midnight Flash Fiction Semifinalist (2018, 2019)

NYC Midnight Short Story Semifinalist (2018)

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