Ranging from 250 to 5000 words, Jared’s collection of bite-sized stories span multiple genres, from comedy to science-fiction to literary.

He is a frequent contributor to Slackjaw, the most followed comedy page on Medium.

His science-fiction stories highlight the dangers of overly pervasive technologies.

His literary pieces expose the complexities of human relationships and the situational ironies in everyday life.

He is a four time semifinalist (once with an honorable mention) in the NYC Midnight short story and flash fiction competitions.

Selected Publications:


Reality Show Spinoffs The World Isn’t Ready For (May 2022) – Weekly Humorist

The Reviews Are In For My Sick Dance Moves (Apr. 2022) – The Haven

Introducing Mega-Corp’s Working From Home Benefits Package (Apr. 2022) – MuddyUm

Heteropathy, the Insecure Straight Guy’s Alternative to Homeopathy (Feb. 2022) – MuddyUm

My Grandmother Died And All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt (Jan. 2022) – Slackjaw

Ranking TV’s Hottest Unseen Characters In Terms Of Their Physical Characteristics (Jan. 2022) – Slackjaw

Mom & Dad, I’m Gray (Dec. 2021) – Slackjaw


The Void (Jan. 2023) – Silver Blade

Caged Potential (Nov. 2021) – Utopia Science Fiction

The Arbitrator 4000 (reprint, June 2021) – Metastellar

The Human Experience (reprint, Feb. 2021) – After Dinner Conversation

Nine Minutes into the Future (Dec. 2020) – Literally Stories

Buddy’s New Friend (Dec. 2020) – Idle Ink


The Guiding Voice (May 2022) – Amethyst Review

The Depths of El Hoyo (Mar. 2022) – Flash Fiction Magazine

The Loophole (Sep. 2021) – Nonbinary Review

A Life in Numbers (June 2021) – Door Is A Jar

The Hare in the Dish (May 2021) – Blue Lake Review

Tiger’s Nuts (Apr. 2021) – Fiction on the Web

Anything You Want (Jan. 2021) – Reflex Press

Toilet Humour (Sep. 2020) – City. River. Tree.


The Human Experience: A Short Story Collection (Sep. 2018)


“The Human Experience” was chosen as one of After Dinner Conversation’s best stories of their 4th season (2021)

NYC Midnight Short Story Semifinalist with Honourable Mention (2019)

NYC Midnight Flash Fiction Semifinalist (2018, 2019)

NYC Midnight Short Story Semifinalist (2018)

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