Jared holds Certification in Writing from Western University and has been working as a professional writer and editor for over 15 years.

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As the cofounder and director of Editing Solutions, Jared has been providing editing services for over fifteen years. He edits for business (marketing materials; website copy; company manuals, etc.), applicants (resumes, applications, cover letters, etc.), and writers (short stories, essays, memoirs, non-fiction book proposals, etc.).

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Jared has worked with aspiring entrepreneurs to help bring their stories to publication, including feature-length manuscripts.

He provided editing, researching, and underwriting assistance on Sprains, Strains & Automobiles: A Medically Illustrated Guide to Commonly Litigated Injuries (Thomson-Reuters, 2011).

He provided editing and underwriting services on I Married a Thrill Seeker (Re: Books, 2022), a memoir by Danielle Kaplan that recounts her husband’s recovery from a motorcycle accident despite being given a “zero percent chance” of survival.

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Medicolegal Reports

Jared holds an Honors Bachelor of Health Sciences (BHSc) degree and a Certificate in Writing from Western University, a Certificate in Integrated Disability Management (IDM) from University of Fredericton, and a Certification in Life Care Planning (LCP-C) from Fig Education. He has worked for over fifteen years in the automotive insurance industry in various roles, including as a medical summarizer, editor, and costing specialist. Additionally, he has provided private case management services to those following a sustained loss. In his long-time role as the lead editor and office manager of Bonnie Koreen Occupational Therapy Professional Corporation, he has contributed to the production of several hundred future care reports.   

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“Jared took my rough manuscript and helped edit and underwrite it to form a saleable end product that has caught the eye of multiple literary agents. His professional feedback, coaching, line-by-line analysis, and suggestions have been invaluable. Through multiple edits and the formal proposal he wrote, we have created a manuscript worthy of publication. He is reliable, easy to work with, knowledgeable, efficient and organized. I can’t recommend him highly enough!”

-Danielle Kaplan, author, I Married a Thrill Seeker (Re: Books, 2022)
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