Nine Minutes into the Future

I always believed in the viability of my story Nine Minutes into the Future, but I received many rejections before it was finally accepted. Two different editors told me that they enjoyed the world building, but that for a sci-fi story, they didn’t want to read about a date gone wrong.

I considered tinkering the story to their suggestions, but I ultimately stuck with the story I wanted to tell. I’m glad I did. Hugh and the team at Literally Stories snapped this story up only a couple days after I’d submitted it.

Literally Stories is a difficult publication to get accepted to, but they are incredibly supportive. They have a loyal group of regulars who comment on each story. I was very appreciative for everyone’s kind words and their unique takes on my view into a potential reality.

I enjoy writing sci-fi because of the freedom it gives me. I get to build the world and set the rules. The worlds I create may not be the worlds I want to live in, but let’s be honest, the present hasn’t exactly been stellar lately either. COVID and all…

Thank you to everyone for their outpouring of support with this story. It’s nice to know when a story lands with readers.

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