Buddy’s New Friend

I had a lot of fun writing Buddy’s New Friend. Everyone who knows me knows how much of a dog lover I am. Chances are I will like your dog more than you. No offence. It’s just how it is.

This story is told from Buddy’s perspective. It was fun crawling into the head of a dog and imagining what he would be thinking. After much tinkering, I used regular font to describe the action, italics to describe Buddy’s thoughts, and capitalized words like BARK and CHASE to describe his instinctive behaviours.

There’s also a little robot friend and a couple of (unlikable) humans. The story, like much of my writing, jumps between sci-fi and dark humour. What’s not to love?

A big shout out to J.L. Corbett of Idle Ink for publishing this piece. I apologized for (at that time) not yet having a public writer’s page to promote this piece, but she was understanding and encouraging. I shared the piece with my private network of friends and family and J.L. said the story had performed very well.

Buddy thanks you for your compassion to his plight. If you’re looking to help other dogs in need, consider a donation or volunteering with Soi Dog Foundation. BARK. BARK. BARK.

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