Representing Canada

It was such an honour to represent Canada in the virtual Can-Am Scrabble matchup this past weekend!

I had originally applied to play in the live version of the event to be held in Montreal, but I was the sixth qualifier for only five spots and so I had just missed the cut.

Fortunately for me, when COVID made the live event impossible, it was moved online and two people dropped out, thus opening up a spot for me to compete.

Somehow, even though I was at risk of not qualifying, I managed to be the highest placing Canadian in my division, finishing in 5th place with a record of 7-8.

Unfortunately, the stacked American team crushed Canada en route to victory. Congrats to them on a job well done.

I played three games against each of my five American counterparts. Surprisingly, I went 2-1 against the top 2 seeds (including a former world champion!) and 1-2 against the 3rd-5th seeds. Scrabble is funny like that!

I had a fun time competing in these tournaments these past two weekends, but at the same time they’ve been rather draining. Time to wind down and give the old brain some time to recharge.

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