Tiger’s Nuts

My latest story Tiger’s Nuts is now available to read on Fiction on the Web. Working with editor Charlie Fish was easy. He was quick to respond to my submission and enthusiastic about the story.

I appreciate Fiction on the Web for their engaged community of readers, frequent stories (twice a week), and lengthy publishing history (their website states they’ve been posting fiction since 1996 making it the oldest continuous online short story venue, having posted thousands of stories to millions of readers).

Tiger’s Nuts doesn’t hold back. I remember one reader telling me that if anyone says it’s too vulgar then they haven’t read Naked Lunch, the novel that the characters discuss in their monthly book club. Channeling the madness of Burroughs’ source material was fun and in a way rather freeing.

Amongst the madness, you’ll meet a group of high school friends trying to stay connected despite life taking them in different directions. These are not the sort of characters you might expect to hold a book club (particularly the incorrigible Tiger who eschews social etiquette and lives, quite literally, in a ‘balls to the wall’ fashion), but this disconnect only adds to the fun.

I tried to keep readers unaware as to what was coming next, punctuating the story with a moment that will not soon be forgotten. If I don’t leave you wanting a hot shower and a course of antibiotics after having read this story, then I haven’t done my job.

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