Ranking TV’s Hottest Unseen Characteristics in Terms of Their Physical Characteristics

My latest piece is now live on Slackjaw. This is the first time I’ve published twice on the same site and that was a purposeful decision. I love Slackjaw’s take on humour and the welcoming Medium community. Thank you to editors Alex Baia, Sarah James and the rest of the Slackjaw team for taking a chance on my pieces and for all their hard work.

Those who know me know how much I love 90s sitcoms like Seinfeld and Frasier. In this piece, I ranked the hottest characters from those shows and others whose faces we never get a chance to see (e.g. Maris Crane from Frasier).

Writing this piece was an eye-opener in many senses. Three of the six characters I wrote about were morbidly obese, while Crane’s rampant anorexia was played off for laughs (she once sprained her wrist by putting too much dip on a cracker). I also could have included Peggy Bundy’s mother from Married With Children, who was so heavy that the walls would shake when she walked.

Is this a sign of previous generation’s fatphobia that all of these characters’ morbid obesity were played off for laughs? Or perhaps it’s more a testament that when writers don’t show a character, they are prone to exaggerate their features. Thus, a skinny character becomes really skinny and a fat character becomes really fat. What do you think?

Check out the piece and make sure to clap for it on Medium and subscribe/follow directly on Medium. Once I get to 100 followers they will start paying me for my writing. I got well over 50 followers from my first piece to that site, Mom And Dad, I’m Gray, so I’m over halfway there.

Happy New Years!

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