“Reality Show Spinoffs The World’s Not Ready For” and “The Guiding Voice”

I have two new stories to announce for your reading pleasure! First off, another comedy piece, this time poking fun at the world of reality TV/game shows. I am very thankful to be published in Weekly Humorist, one of the most followed sites of satirical writing. Thank you to editor-in-chief Marty Dundics for the supportContinue reading ““Reality Show Spinoffs The World’s Not Ready For” and “The Guiding Voice””

Introducing Mega-Corp’s Working From Home Benefits Package

My latest story, “Introducing Mega-Corp’s Working From Home Benefits Package” is now live on MuddyUm. Thank you to editor Toni Crowe for publishing this piece and for the kind words. I have been working from home since before the pandemic made it cool. For years, people would ask me how I could stand working fromContinue reading “Introducing Mega-Corp’s Working From Home Benefits Package”

The Depths of El Hoyo

My latest story, “The Depths of El Hoyo,” is live on Flash Fiction Magazine. Flash Fiction Magazine publishes a piece of flash fiction (max. 1000 words) daily. With 17,000 followers on Twitter, they are one of the most read sites publishing flash fiction, and I am honoured to be included in their magazine. Editor KeelyContinue reading “The Depths of El Hoyo”

Heteropathy, the Insecure Straight Guy’s Alternative to Homeopathy

My latest story is now live on MuddyUm, a wonderful humour page on Medium. Please check it out and let me know your thoughts. A big thank you to Andrew Rodwin for his editorial eye, and to editor-in-chief, Susan Brearley, for creating and overseeing the site. MuddyUm is clearly a labour of love and aContinue reading “Heteropathy, the Insecure Straight Guy’s Alternative to Homeopathy”

My Grandmother Died And All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt

I have another story published to Slackjaw, my third in less than two months! I continue to receive such wonderful feedback from friends and family as well as the Medium community. I wish I had gotten into comedy writing a lot sooner. I think I’m quickly finding my niche. The story is as ridiculous asContinue reading “My Grandmother Died And All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt”

Ranking TV’s Hottest Unseen Characteristics in Terms of Their Physical Characteristics

My latest piece is now live on Slackjaw. This is the first time I’ve published twice on the same site and that was a purposeful decision. I love Slackjaw’s take on humour and the welcoming Medium community. Thank you to editors Alex Baia, Sarah James and the rest of the Slackjaw team for taking aContinue reading “Ranking TV’s Hottest Unseen Characteristics in Terms of Their Physical Characteristics”

Mom & Dad, I’m Gray

My latest story “Mom & Dad, I’m Gray” has been posted to Slackjaw. This is my first attempt at comedy writing and I’m honoured to have been accepted into the top humour publication on Medium, with approximately 150,000 subscribers. After being rejected by so many of the top sci-fi mags over the past 2+ years,Continue reading “Mom & Dad, I’m Gray”

The Living Room Express

My most recent story “The Living Room Express” is available to read for free on the Metaworker. Please check it out. Fair warning: This is a dark story. Perhaps the darkest I’ve written yet. It contains themes of alcoholism and parental abuse. While I typically write fiction, I most often read non-fiction. I’m particularly drawnContinue reading “The Living Room Express”

Caged Potential

Please check out my latest story “Caged Potential” available in the latest issue of Utopia Science Fiction. My story is available for free as part of the preview, but I hope you will purchase the entire issue for the great content from the many different contributors. A special thank you to Tristan Evarts, editor-in-chief, forContinue reading “Caged Potential”