“Reality Show Spinoffs The World’s Not Ready For” and “The Guiding Voice”

I have two new stories to announce for your reading pleasure!

First off, another comedy piece, this time poking fun at the world of reality TV/game shows. I am very thankful to be published in Weekly Humorist, one of the most followed sites of satirical writing. Thank you to editor-in-chief Marty Dundics for the support and kind words.

The concept for this piece started a long time ago when I would see commercials for the show “So You Think You Can Dance?” In my head, I would repeat, “So You Think You Can Prance?” and imagine a spinoff show where competitors vowed to be the world’s best prancer. From there, I came up with 11 more spinoff concepts that are sure to draw a few laughs.

My second piece is a spiritual journey published by Amethyst Review. This publication focuses on sacred/mystical writing, a new avenue for me.

As with many of my literary/fictional pieces, this story began as part of the NYC writing competitions. It follows a young man in an isolated tribe in the Amazon as he comes of age into manhood.

As always, I’m interested to hear your thoughts. More comedy stories to come in the near future!

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