The Void

My latest story “The Void” has been published in Silver Blade, a member of the Silver Pen Collective. I had been submitting to this exclusive group of magazines for a couple years and it was rewarding to finally receive an acceptance.

The Void was originally accepted for publication by a magazine called Collective Realms. I received valuable editing assistance from an editor named Olivia (unfortunately I cannot find her last name). Despite my piece having been edited, the magazine shut down production prior to the piece running and they never published my piece.

It then took Silver Blade almost an entire year to accept my story (again, speaking to the difficulty of publishing with them) and another few months before my issue appeared online. I believe I wrote this story sometime back in 2020-2021, so it’s been on quite the journey to get to this point!

A big thank you to the editor Karl Rademacher of Silver Blade for his assistance. I am excited this piece is finally available for all to read. It is a short rather simple piece. It reads as a parable. I am excited to hear your thoughts.

I hope to return to more writing in 2023, with likely a focus on comedy writing.

Best, Jared.

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