The Depths of El Hoyo

My latest story, “The Depths of El Hoyo,” is live on Flash Fiction Magazine. Flash Fiction Magazine publishes a piece of flash fiction (max. 1000 words) daily. With 17,000 followers on Twitter, they are one of the most read sites publishing flash fiction, and I am honoured to be included in their magazine.

Editor Keely Gardiner worked with me through two rounds of revisions. She challenged me to bring this piece to the next level, helping me add depth to the piece despite the stringent word count. I am forever thankful for her guidance.

This story, like many of my fictional pieces, began as an entry to the NYC Midnight competitions. I believe I was assigned the genre of romance (or perhaps romantic comedy?), a genre I don’t know much about. But I do enjoy writing comedy, and so I filled the piece with sexual innuendo, to try and lighten a rather heavy piece.

Despite the subject matter, this is not about me. I have done a lot of solo travelling, but never to South or Central America. I still believe that fiction should remain fictional and that true stories are better served for memoirs. Maybe one day I’ll write non-fiction. I’ve been thinking about writing essays (perhaps on tournament Scrabble), although for now I’m more focused on my comedy writing. But until I writ an essay or more comedy, I hope you enjoy this literary piece.

One thought on “The Depths of El Hoyo

  1. Amazing what you accomplished/said in 1000 words.  As I wrote in my ‘public comment’ my curiousity really spiked about his desperation as well as what he is running from.

    Bonnie Koreen, BSc OT, OT Reg (ON), CCLCP

    Registered Occupational Therapist

    Canadian Certified Life Care Planner

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