Introducing Mega-Corp’s Working From Home Benefits Package

My latest story, “Introducing Mega-Corp’s Working From Home Benefits Package” is now live on MuddyUm. Thank you to editor Toni Crowe for publishing this piece and for the kind words.

I have been working from home since before the pandemic made it cool. For years, people would ask me how I could stand working from home without going crazy from the lack of social stimulation. I guess I’m just an introvert that way. I have worked in a few offices over the years, and each time I felt the existential dread creeping in.

Now that others have started working from home during the pandemic, they seem to understand the benefits of it. People realize they get more work done without the distractions and can socialize during evenings and weekends. It’s not for everyone, but many people are seeing the benefits, including financially: The lack of a long commute (particularly with skyrocketing gas prices) and the money saved on dry cleaning/lunches/coffee, etc. really adds up.

I played on my dislike of office culture in this piece by imagining what it would be like to bring the worst aspects of the office to the sanctity of one’s home. I also incorporated aspects of the work reform movement that is spreading worldwide in response to poor treatment of workers from heartless corporations.

I hope you enjoy my return to comedy writing. I am hopeful to publish more in the near future. Happy reading!

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